SMU Eagles Inc.

Strong vision. Loves the storm. Prepared for change. Bold.

Eagles Inc is a student-led, multi-million dollar funded entrepreneurship club housed in SMU, for aspiring student entrepreneurs. A haven that supports a community of risk-takers & dare-devils with innovation, creativity, adventure, and experience.


To foster and cultivate entrepreneurial thinking, build up business acumen, and instill the confidence to pursue a vision in every aspiring student entrepreneur at Singapore Management University.

To Be The Catalyst
that provides the knowledge, tools, and environment for aspiring student entrepreneurs to take that leap of faith into the unknown and soar.
To Facilitate The Development
of experienced and validated student entrepreneurs in order to bring their business to new heights.
To Be The Bridge
that connects students, entrepreneurs, alumni, faculty and prominent individuals with the goal of pushing the ecosystem into the next level.


Our Events


Speak to both seasoned & student entrepreneurs who have been there, done that.

Networking Sessions

Rub shoulders with the mover & shakers in the startup ecosystem.


The pursuit of knowledge never ends. Gain practical skills from experts in their field.
Passion. Adventure. Kickstart. SEA’s Largest Student Startup Competition & Conference)

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