SMU's Entrepreneurial HavenBuilding an ecosystem of daredevils and innovators



1. SMU Institute Of Innovation & Entrepreneurship


The Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIE) anchors the Area of Excellence in Innovation at SMU. IIE is a practise-oriented institute that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship excellence at SMU and beyond. Their activities range from innovation & entrepreneurship events, competitions and workshops, to training programmes, study missions and internships for budding student entrepreneurs. They also run a full-fledged incubation programme that helps aspiring entrepreneurs take their ideas to market. Click here to find out more. 


2. Protege Ventures


Protégé Ventures is the first student venture fund in Southeast Asia. It has been created for students and by students in partnership with Kairos ASEAN and SMU’s IIE. Click here to find out more.


3. SMU LKCSB’s Entrepreneurship Major


The Entrepreneurship major is for SMU undergraduates who want to learn about creating new businesses, either as stand-alone new firms or as part of existing organisations’ new business growth plans. Through a slew of targeted electives, entrepreneurship study missions to places such as Silicon Valley and other entrepreneurial locations, and the entrepreneurship practicum, undergraduates will become familiar with tools, techniques, theories, and practices that will enable them to identify, refine, incubate and grow their business ideas. For more details, contact Professor Terence Fan, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management (Education) or visit the LKCSB website, here.


4. Educational Programme

Eagles Inc. recognizes that entrepreneurship engages in legal and regulatory frameworks and student entrepreneurs have to navigate through these frameworks. As such, we have created a programme that includes workshops and consultation sessions to equip student entrepreneurs with the knowledge of key requirements. This ranges from information regarding business structures, contracts, memorandums of understanding to issues of fundraising. For more details, please contact Saravanan Rathakrishnan.