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About Learn more about the P.A.K Challenge 2019

The $30,000 startup pitching competition! Get ready to mingle alongside venture capitalists, angel investors, corporates and aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a day-long event where local startups, tech companies, media, entrepreneurship clubs of local universities and several other businesses come together to bring student founders an immersive and interactive startup experience like no other.

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Each group requires at least one Eagles Member. If you wish to incoporate our member(s) into your group, feel free to reach out to us at eaglesinc@sa.smu.edu.sg. Alternatively, you may also join as an Eagle member at a fee of $49. For more details, contact us at eaglesinc@sa.smu.edu.sg

Do note that all submissions are subject to our Terms & Conditions To qualify for Quarter Finals, Submit your Pitch Deck here


Submit a Pitch Deck (Or record your video pitching in less than 10 minutes if you prefer)
Suggested points to be included in pitch:

  1. Team
  2. Summary and Product Overview
  3. Business Model (USP, Customer Profile)
  4. Market Analysis
  5. Market Strategies
  6. Revenue Model & Projection

Semi-finals and Finals Rubrics to be realeased after the first round

Judges for PAK 2018 Judges of the event

The judges for PAK 2019 will be confirmed at a later date so watch this page!

The PAK Challenge is judged by the most distinguished panel of successful entrepreneurs in Singapore. As the closing date for the PAK Challenge approaches, judges will be announced and revealed. Judges are selected for their knowledge and experience. All constestant’s business plans will be evaluated fairly.

Preliminary Judges



Venue Venue of the event

Gallery Memories of the P.A.K Challenge 2018

These images represent the PAK Challenge 2018. Held during last summer, the PAK Challenge: Start Up Nation was a day long event where local startups, tech companies, media, entrepreneurship clubs of local universities and F&B businesses came together to bring the public an immersive and interactive experience like no other.